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Jul 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. , a group known as stop the rain tax outline the burden of the new tax for businesses and commercial property owners today. they said that the tax creates a negative impact on the economy, jobs, and rentals. local business folders -- local business owners said there is a cost to their business operations. >> this is a huge amount of money coming into state government and it's not even a designated fund or a trust fund. this means a governor and the politicians are going to have access to this money, and that is like giving the keys to the ball to bank robbers. tax,e so-called rain actually known as the storm water management fee, was put in place to pay for objects to keep toxic runoff from polluting the chesapeake bay. >> widespread showers, a few thunderstorms covering the mid- atlantic region. back in the ohio valley and on into new england, not everyone getting wet at the same time, but you can see that there is a few showers. that is working into our direction. in the meantime, we have a few light rain showers across the region. the clouds and the showers have kept temperatures
Jul 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
.t. profession laws. and today, there were stops about avoiding a tax. from health-care companies to the nsa, the congressman stressed working together for our safety. >> so there has debate working with the private sector to protect us from these very serious attacks. >> maryland has more than 11,000 cybersecurity companies and is ranked no. 1 in the nation for ship.ation and entrepreneur and if you have a smartphones, you know that data plants can be expensive, but it is that we are going too far, and we are not using all of the data we are paying for. many people increase their plants to avoid late overcharges. >> wireless consumers are overpaying by $1.40 billion per year because they are simply on the wrong cell phone data plan. >> so how can you save money on data? whereyou can use wi-fi available an turn of applications, like facebook, that use data. >> what is happening to many in maryland facing furloughs, more on how sequestration is impacting the state coming up at 6:00. >> the is students are getting some valuable skills both on and off the court. i am kim dacey with details next
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2